Aircraft Paint Schemes

Professional stunt pilot Debbie Gary flies this Marchetti with an Aircraft Paint Schemes design.

The world’s largest collection of paint scheme ideas for fixed and rotary wing aircraft! We have 1,000’s of paint scheme ideas to browse & download.  Plus…we have hundreds of aircraft line drawings ready for immediate download.

Aircraft Paint Schemes has provided custom paint schemes for single, twin, jet and rotary aircraft since 1989.

In addition to design work you can join our paint scheme library to view and download over 4,000 of our paint schemes. You may also purchase for download from hundreds of blank aircraft profiles.

Join Our Paint Scheme Library

The Worlds Largest Collection of Paint Scheme Ideas for Aircraft! We have 1,000’s of paint scheme ideas to browse & download.

View them, Print them, E-mail them, Share them with a friend and most importantly… Show them to your paint shop so they know what you expect.

For a one time payment of $39.95 you’ll get instant access to ALL the paint schemes for a full 30 days.

You may also join as a commercial account for $299.00/yr. A commercial account gives you access for one year.

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Buy Line Drawings

We currently have 405 aircraft line drawings in 4 popular file formats (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Windows Metafile & Adobe Acrobat), all are ready to download right now! These line drawings can be printed, emailed or opened in a variety of drawing programs and used to design your own paint scheme.

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Design Services

We can put any paint scheme idea on your aircraft using your preferred colors and N#’s. You don’t need to be a member to take advantage of this service. All we need is a good photo of the paint scheme you like and we will make it work on your aircraft.

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